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Alina,  Jim, Sherry, others:  I'm similarly interested in the fate of the 
Phuket  and more importantly the individuals who work there.  I'm especially  
interested in information regarding Pitiwong Tantichodok, a good friend from  
graduate school who I recently visited in Thailand, and several of his  
colleagues who I met while there.  Any information greatly  appreciated.

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Hi Jim and Sheery:

I have been watching for any postings  on Coral List that indicate the fate 
of the Phuket Marine Lab and marine  scientists there (e.g. Chansang...)  Any 
word from any of  them?



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Barbara (Brown) and I contacted Phuket (PMBC) early last week.  Everyone is 
okay (no injuries and no fatalities) and the damage was minimal.  This is in 
part because most of the lab buildings and staff houses are up a  hill, and also 
because the tsunami was pretty minimal on the Cape Panwa  peninsula, where 
the lab is located. This latter effect may be due to the  offshore islands 
absorbing some of the energy and then the relatively shallow  water and protecting 
fringing reef. 
Pitiwong does not work at the lab - he used to be at Sonkla University but  
has moved on but we can't remember where. His new university is not on the  
coast. He just visits PMBC with a field course once or twice a year. As far as  
we know he was not at Phuket at the time.  Hansa Chansang has retired and  now 
spends most of her time at her Bangkok house (she also has a house inland on  
Phuket - so appears at the lab now and then).
Hope that reassures you.
Richard Dunne

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