[Coral-List] Tsunami repairs - help needed

Henry Aruffo n2maps at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 10 00:12:03 EST 2005


Any information that could help us would be greatly appriciated - we need 
advise on product and procedures for repairing coral in the Similan Islands. 
  All information is appriciated!

The point we are trying to make here is that we have to act very fast to 
save some of the corals!

A lot of the fragile corals like "Tubastraea" and "Acropora", also 
Firecorals and Staghorncorals have been broken off and need reattachment as 
son as possible. Also larger Seafans need to be saved and reattached before 
they suffocate and die!
Already one week after the Tsunami, some of the big tablecorals we've turned 
over again were already bleached and a lot of sanddeposit for example on 
"Porites" Hardcoralheads are suffocating them.
The longer we wait, the less chances of survival for a lot of corals!

Please could you look at the following Websites:
www.seaquestmarine.com/cgi-bin/shopper for Underwater Adhesive
www.reefball.com/map/antiguascience/17tonssaved.htm for Hydrostatic 
Attachment of Corals and saving corals, artificial reefs and much more.

Has anyone used these products - do they work??  Thank you for you 


Henry Aruffo
Director - Coral Reef Institute
Phuket, Thailand
n2maps at hotmail.com

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