[Coral-List] Coral Invasions at Marine Bioinvasions Conference

Steve Coles slcoles at bishopmuseum.org
Mon Jan 10 15:20:22 EST 2005

Plans are being put together to organize a session at the Marine Bioinvasions Conference in August in Wellington, New Zealand, to cover coral reef invasions, these are broadly defined as including coral reefs, seagrass, mangroves, and estuaries; basically covering warm water organisms.  A successful similar session was held at the Bali International Coral Reef Symposium.  Eight papers from that session can be seen at:  http://www.bishopmuseum.org/research/pbs/coralreefsymp.html.  

If there is sufficient interest, a session will most likely be organized, and at that time, funding will be sought.  Please contact Lu Eldredge [lge at bishopmuseum.org] of interest.  

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