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REMINDER** Request for Comments on NOAA Coral Ecosystem Research Plan --
Part I: National Priorities **

Re:    Request for Review of the NOAA Coral Ecosystem Research Plan
(version 12/09/04)

NOAA Coral Ecosystem Research Plan

Template for Reviewer Comments


The NOAA Coral Ecosystem Research Plan Part I: National Priorities
(version 12/09/04) can be accessed at
At this time, we are requesting your comments on this work in progress.
Please provide high-level comments and specific text for insertion into
the plan.  No word-smithing, please.  We are looking for input on
general concepts and specific research priorities linked to management
objectives that are missing or maybe misdirected.  The text will be
given a professional edit after the substantive comments have been

We are requesting your comments by January 15, 2005 to
coral.researchplan at noaa.gov using the template.



The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a
science-based agency serving a large and diverse community of users and
stakeholders.  NOAA has identified research as a major crosscutting
priority for the agency, demonstrating its firm commitment to support
high-quality research to underpin its environmental assessment,
prediction, and ecosystem management missions.

In an effort to provide coastal and ocean managers with high priority
scientific information to help conserve, protect, restore, and sustain
coral reef ecosystems, the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program is
developing a research plan to guide NOAA-supported coral ecosystem

Purpose of the Research Plan

The purpose of the NOAA Coral Ecosystem Research Plan is to set
priorities and guide NOAA-supported coral ecosystem research for FY 2005
through FY 2010, including research conducted through extramural
partners, grants, and contracts.

Scope of the Research Plan

The NOAA Coral Ecosystem Research Plan covers all coral reef ecosystems
under the jurisdiction of the United States; and is written for a broad
audience, including resource managers, scientists, policy makers, and
the public.

Research Plan Framework

The NOAA Coral Ecosystem Research Plan is presented in two sections: (1)
Part I: National Research Priorities; and (2) Part II: Regional Research

Part I is national in scope - and identifies (1) the role of mapping and
monitoring in management-driven research programs; (2) the role of
research in management, including a review of the major stressors and
threats facing coral reef ecosystems and an overview of
stressor-associated research priorities; (3) a discussion of the tools
and technologies necessary to conduct research and to manage ecosystems
(4) a discussion of the importance of transferring science and
technology into operations; and (5) the importance of using strategic
outreach and education to translate research results to improve
management decisions.

Part II is regional in scope and reviews the major stressors for each
region, identifies key management objectives specific to the region, and
the research priorities for the next five years to help address the
stated management objectives.  Each jurisdiction listed under Part II
includes a list of specific management objectives followed by linked
research priorities.

****Part I and II are being developed on separate timelines.  At this
time, we are only asking for your review of Part I.****

For more information or questions, please contact Kimberly Puglise at
(301) 713-2427 x199 or e-mail coral.researchplan at noaa.gov

A copy of the Research Plan (version 12/9/04) can be accessed at

and the template for comments is accessible at


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