[Coral-List] fish bombing and tsunami effects

Dida didak at jps.net
Wed Jan 12 02:20:44 EST 2005

About 6 years ago when I was actively research diving in Palau Sipidan 
(MY), and disturbed by the number of coral reef sites decimated by illegal 
fish bombing, I asked around (many contacts made via this list) about the 
rates of coral growth after such destruction. I head reports that healthy 
coral reefs are in place after only 10 years. Considering the effects of 
the tsunami, is a comparable rate of regrowth considered reasonable?

Also, does anyone on this list have current contact info for Arnaz Mehta? 
Last I heard, she was a research diver in Sumatra (she was the person who 
found the coelacanth in an Indonesian market place, thus leading to proof 
of a wider distribution of the mysterious "dinosaur fish").

Dida Kutz

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