[Coral-List] Re: Coral-List Digest, Vol 19, Issue 14

Dida didak at jps.net
Wed Jan 12 16:06:51 EST 2005

HI Michael- Thanks for getting back to me re: Tom Tomascik's  research. I 
believe it is he is who I had some conservations with re: this topic, 
because i was hoping to conduct some research myself in the Banda Islands. 
Unfortunately, resources weren't easily available, nor permissions to 
access certain areas (I recall he told me of some of this own problems). 
And then hell broke loose . . .

I just wrote Mark Erdman (yes, Sulawesi, not Sumatra)- I couldn't recall 
Arnaz's husband's name, and so thanks to you and the other person who 
contacted me with information.

I won't even begin to address the political issues (academic and otherwise) 
you bring up! <:-|


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