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Dear Giancrio,

Thanks for the coral-list note regarding:

>Hello Coral Reef Community,
>    My University (Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)  is member of the 
>World Bank funded project for the monitoring of coral reef  at global 
>scale using 
>remote sensing. My specific research area is on the  water column optical 
>Prior starting the Ph.D. I lived and extensively scuba dove, for 8 years  
>'92-'99, in the red sea area (Egypt). For what I know, Red Sea was not  
>within the field study areas because it is said to be too  damaged.
>I am wondering what it means "too damaged".
>I would be interested in getting in touch with people that worked or is  
>currently working in the Sinai peninsula or along the eastern coast of 
>(Hurgada) up to Sudan to actually verify the possibility to develop and  
>extend my 
>research studies to those area.
>Any help or comments is very much appreciated
>Thanks in advance.
>Giancarlo  Cesarello      _gcesarel at fes.uwaterloo.ca_ 
>(mailto:gcesarel at fes.uwaterloo.ca)  
>Ph.D.  Program - Marine Environments Remote Sensing
>Padi DM 209738
>Department of  Geography 
>_University of Waterloo_ (http://www.uwaterloo.ca/)  
>Waterloo,  Ontario           Phone: (519)  888-4567 ext. 7573
>Canada N2L  3G1           Fax: (519)  888-6768
See the following publication:

Jameson SC, Ammar MSA, Saadalla E, Mostafa HM, Riegl B (1999) A coral 
damage index 
and its application to diving sites in the Egyptian Red Sea.  Coral Reefs 
Special Issue on 
The Science of Coral Reef Management, Coral Reefs 18(4):333-339

I can also send you (let me know if you need it) an advance copy of the 
following manuscript which I am preparing for the journal Coral Reefs.  
This paper has all the quantitative line-intercept life-form transect 
data (using the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network protocols) from the 
anchor damage surveys:

Jameson SC, Ammar MSA, Saadalla E, Mostafa H, Riegl B (in ms) A 
quantitative damage assessment of diving sites in the Egyptian Red Sea 
during a period of severe anchor damage:  a baseline for restoration and 
sustainable tourism management. Coral Reefs

Best regards,

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