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I couldn't get the link to work, so I've found it on the site.


Flo Depondt wrote:

> Please find attached the press release entitled "Divers Take a Stand 
> to  Protect Endangered Coral Reefs: CORAL launches 2005 Park Buddy  
> Program".
> The project encourages divers to raise funds for four urgently needed  
> conservation projects at some of the world's best dive sites.
> If you would like to participate in the Park Buddy Program and make a  
> difference, please contact Florence Depondt at divein at coral.org. For  
> detailed information go to: <www.coral.org/divein/parkbuddy/>
> Best wishes,
> Florence
> The Coral Reef Alliance
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> Date: January 13, 2005
> Contact: Florence Depondt, The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)
> Phone: (415) 834-0900 ext.313 - Email: divein at coral.org
> *** Photos and Promotional Materials Available ***
> Divers Take a Stand to Protect Endangered Coral Reefs
> CORAL launches 2005 Park Buddy Program
> San Francisco, CA – The devastating impact of the tsunami that hit  
> Southeast Asia on December 26th has demonstrated the urgency of  
> protecting coral reefs worldwide. Coral reefs act as a natural 
> barrier  against powerful waves and tsunamis, an important role that 
> is too  often forgotten. There has never been a better time or 
> opportunity for  divers to show their love for some of the world’s 
> most enchanting but  endangered dive sites. CORAL’s Park Buddy 
> program, in its second year  running, offers ocean lovers just that: 
> the chance to directly support  fundraising efforts for four urgent 
> conservation projects.
> CORAL is launching its Park Buddy program as part of the annual Dive 
> In  To Earth Day event, held each year during the week of Earth Day, 
> April  22nd. Park Buddy aims to financially support coral reef 
> protected area  managers in their efforts to protect their 
> biologically diverse and  increasingly threatened reefs. Four 
> conservation projects have been  selected this year: patrolling 
> equipment for the Sandy Bay West End  Marine Reserve of Roatan, 
> Honduras; mooring buoy installation equipment  for Papua New Guinea; a 
> research vessel to enable documentation of the  extensive reefs of 
> Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia; and  an educational 
> visitors’ center at the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes  Marine Reserve in 
> Placencia, Belize.
>  “Global estimates suggest that as many as 70% of coral reef 
> protected  areas established worldwide are not effectively managed, 
> often because  they lack the funding and resources” explains Brian 
> Huse, CORAL’s  Executive Director. “The Park Buddy Program was 
> developed to bring  small but significant support to these protected 
> areas. It’s incredible  to see the difference a little money can make. 
> Last year our Park  Buddies funded mooring buoys, purchased patrolling 
> and monitoring  equipment, created educational signs and educated park 
> rangers”.
> The program was an outstanding success in its first year, and is set 
> to  be an even bigger success in 2005. CORAL’s 2004 Park Buddies held  
> exciting fundraising events such as underwater poker games and 
> benefit  reggae concerts and raised an incredible $20,000 USD. 
> “Becoming a Park  Buddy is an exciting and easy way to take a stand in 
> support of coral  reef protected areas and the incredible diving that 
> they offer,” says  Tanya Streeter, World Champion Freediver and Dive 
> In Committee member,  “And it’s fun!  You can hold a fundraising 
> dinner party, team up with  your local dive shop and organize a 
> dive-a-thon, ask your friends to  play for a benefit concert, organize 
> an underwater monopoly, raffle  some of the gear in your dive shop, or 
> just send in a donation… the  list goes on!”
> The Park Buddy program is part of the annual Dive In to Earth Day  
> event, developed to raise awareness of coral reefs and ocean issues. 
> In  the past five years, 200,000 people have organized more than 1,000 
> Dive  In activities in 89 countries and territories, including beach 
> cleanups  and educational seminars. CORAL coordinates Dive In with the 
> support of  Project AWARE Foundation, Earth Day Network, International 
> Coral Reef  Action Network (ICRAN) and West Marine.
> For more information visit: www.coral.org/divein/parkbuddy
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> West  Marine, Air Pacific, Earth Day Network and the International 
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