[Coral-List] Re: Sakanan-Thailand

Dida didak at jps.net
Wed Jan 19 12:11:39 EST 2005

Hello- here is an email i recv'd from him 16 Jan. I'm sorry if i hadn't 
already posted it!
Dida Kutz

Dear Allen and Dida

Thank you very much for your offer to help for Thai coral reef.  I cannot
access the e-mail easily since I always on the trip.

There are now more than 200 Thai divers have registered to help. most of
them are dive masters an instructors. That is enough for this urgent
mission. The furthure need after this operation should be the extensive
assessment and long term monitoring. We also need a recommendation for
proper research i.e., restoration research, rehabiliation process, and
also the further impact on growth and reproduction of damaged corals.

After changing my email server I could not reply the mail to the coral
list. could you please pass my sincerely thanks to the coral list.

I have to travel to Bangkok, Phuket and similan island from tomorrow till
next monday.

best regards,
sakanan.p at psu.ac.th

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>Hi guys,
>Does anyone have contact details for Thai oceanographer Sakanan Plathong  who
>has called for up to 200 divers to help save reefs damaged by the Boxing Day
>tsunami, please?
>Best regards,
>Colin Doeg

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