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Summer Field Courses - 2005
Bermuda Biological Station for Research

The Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR) is pleased to announce 
its Summer Program course offerings for 2005.  These eight courses combine 
fieldwork, lectures, and independent research projects and are designed for 
the advanced undergraduate/graduate student.  Substantial scholarship funds 
and financial aid are available.  Please email 
<mailto:education at bbsr.edu>education at bbsr.edu for additional information or 
visit our web site: <http://www.bbsr.edu/>www.bbsr.edu

Coral Reef Ecology – June 5 to 25 – Dr. Samantha de Putron and Dr. Ross 
Jones, BBSR
An integrated introduction and exposure to active areas of research 
covering physiology, photosynthesis, population biology, competition, 
ecosystems and human impacts. Laboratory and field techniques of reef studies.

Marine Ecotoxicology – June 5 to 25 – Dr. John Manock, Univ. North Carolina 
- Wilmington, Dr. Peter Wells, Environment Canada, Dr. Andrew Peters, BBSR, 
and Dr. Ross Jones, BBSR
The impacts of anthropogenic substances are assessed using a wide range of 
chemical, bioassay and biomarker analyses and placed in the context of 
ecological risk management.

Behavior of Coral Reef Animals – June 26 to July 30 – Dr. Ruth Byrne, 
Millersville University, and Dr. Michael Kuba, Hebrew University, 
Jerusalem, Israel
Students will study behavior and cognition in a wide range of coral reef 
animals, such as fish, sea stars, octopus, squid, crabs and polychaetes, in 
team projects. Within these projects we will focus on how to conduct 
hypothesis-driven research.

Marine Microbial Ecology – June 26 to July 9 – Dr. Craig Carlson, 
University of California, Santa Barbara, and Dr. Stephen Giovannoni, Oregon 
State University
Traditional microbiology to the most recent molecular approaches will be 
considered within the context of biogeochemical processes. Field trips and 
laboratory experiments in the open ocean and coral reef rich waters 
surrounding Bermuda.

Marine Microbial Genomics – July 10 to 16 – Dr. Stephen Giovannoni, Oregon 
State University, and Dr. John Heidelberg, The Institute for Genomics 
Research (TIGR)
An introduction to genomic tools and computational approaches useful in the 
analysis of sequencing data to address specific hypothesis relevant to 
marine microbial ecology.

Scientific Photography – July 31 to August 20 – Dr. James Wood, BBSR
An intensive introduction to scientific photography comprised of lectures, 
required reading, laboratory exercises, field assignments and 
demonstrations. This three-week course exposes students to the use of 
photography as a scientific tool.

Tropical Marine Invertebrates – July 31 to August 27 – Dr. Kathryn Coates, 
BBSR, and
Dr. Penelope Barnes, Malaspina University-College
Invertebrate diversity of Bermuda's reefs, sea grass and mangrove habitats 
is examined systematically and in relation to biological associations, 
behaviors, body forms and habitats.

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