[Coral-List] Moving to Coral Reef Watch

Mark Eakin Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov
Tue Jan 25 13:22:37 EST 2005

For those of you that are not aware, some changes have been taking  
place at NOAA Paleoclimatology.  Earlier this month, I accepted a  
position with NOAA's Coral Reef Watch program back in the Washington,  
DC area.  I am looking forward to this move, as it will take me back  
more directly to my roots in coral reef science.  I will move from  
Boulder to the DC area this summer, and am in the process of phasing  
into my new work for Coral Reef Watch.  I will still continue to do  
some work in coral paleoclimatology, but will mostly be focused on  
modern coral reef observations ranging from in situ instruments to  

I have enjoyed working with many of you for the past five years as part  
of NOAA Paleoclimatology, and look forward to continuing relationships  
with many of you through my new job at Coral Reef Watch.

C. Mark Eakin, Ph.D.
NOAA Coral Reef Watch
Internet: mark.eakin at noaa.gov

until Summer 2005:
NOAA/National Climatic Data Center
325 Broadway E/CC23
Boulder, CO 80305-3328
Voice: 303-497-6172                  Fax: 303-497-6513

effective Summer 2005:
NOAA Science Center -- RM 601
5200 Auth Road
Camp Springs, MD 20746-4304
SSMC1, Room 5306
1335 East West Hwy.
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3283

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