[Coral-List] FW: Up-to-date Strategies and Information on the Coral Reef Rehab ilitation Process

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 4 19:08:40 EDT 2005

List  and  Attendees

I strongly support and will attend the Restoration
Conference in October.  

I am particularly interested in the last REEF issue - 
* Examine ethical dilemmas in coral reef restoration

and the sub-issue agenda:

• 1.  Do we have the duty to restore?    
1.Resp. - No, the damager and the approvers of the
project damages have the duty x 1000 to restore.
No, the damager and the approvers of the past project
damages have the duty x 1000 to restore.

• 2.  Is restoring human damage more valuable than
restoring natural damage?  
2. Resp. - Absolutely NOT as we do not have the body
of information to establish those conditions which
created the reef in the first place - replacement may
be based on the standard error for the entire process
- 1 sq m loss equals 1000 sqm restored and hope that
the replacement will be equal.

• 3.  How should we direct limited resources for
3. Resp. - Making sure that those in authority
exercise their authorities to support the existing and
past reefs.

• 4.  How do we shape the benchmarks for success?
4.  Resp. - Number of sq m damaged vs x1000 sqm

As part of the summer, I believe members of the LIST
should provide their beliefs for the four items
above...and perhaps a few more sub-issues, such as:

5.  Can US funds through World Bank, Asian
DevelopmentBank, US AID, and US DoD be used for
project where coral reefs will be directly and
indirectly destroyed without adequate x1000

6.  Can technical specialists consult for pay to
"commercial developers" for the restoration of coral
reefs which are in fact damaged or destroyed by the
same or related developer????

7.  Can technical specialist attend and participate in
conferences where they gain knowledge and experience
from others which they then require payments from
others for transfer of the same information and

Dr. Tom Williams

"Precht, Bill" <Bprecht at pbsj.com> wrote:
Dear  Coral List  TFI Learning's Coral Reef
Restoration: Scientific Frameworks for Rehabilitation

* Explore critical issues in managing reef ecosystems 
* Assess aesthetic components of ecological
* Analyze the role of  technology transfer on the
rehabilitation process 
* Examine applied experimental ecology  
* Gain new ideas from practical restoration case
* Determine how much compensatory restoration is
* Analyze the benefits of a cooperative Natural
Resources Damage Assessment 
* Examine ethical dilemmas in coral reef restoration

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