[Coral-List] Trachyphyllia reproduction

Mitch Carl kos_inverts at omahazoo.com
Sat Jul 9 15:19:13 EDT 2005

Hi all, does anyone have any information on how Trachyphyllia geoffroyi reproduces?  Looking to find out if they are hermaphroditic or gonochoristic and whether they brood or spawn.  I'm also interested in papers dealing with corals that brood.  I have:

Robert H. Richmond and Cynthia L. Hunter. (1990).  Reproduction and recruitment of corals:  comparisons among the Caribbean, Tropical Pacific and Red Sea

P.L. Harrison and C.C. Wallace. Reproduction, Dispersal and Recruitment of Scleractinian Corals

Thank you.

Mitch Carl
Omaha Zoo

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