[Coral-List] Reef Critter Identification Question

Melissa Keyes mekvinga at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 11:30:11 EDT 2005

Hello, Listers,
I've been gettig a start on photographing the trials our corals are undergoing this year.  In some places, there are clouds of ???  "Jiggling Specks" I call them.  These are not bits of debris or suspended, non-living stuff.  They are of a uniform size (five to a pinhead), and equi-spaced, although density, and therefore distance between individuals varies, but is uniform.  And they move in a very agitated manner. Not swimming in a particular direction, they just seem to be jiggling.
Sometimes they are in such abundance that a decent photo is impossible.  They hang together in close packed schools sometimes.  They are definitely in localized places on the reef, which changes and varies.  I spend time diving through large sand areas, and have never noticed them there.
I've noticed these critters many years now, about this time every year.
They do not sting bare skin.
Many thanks in advance if you can tell me what these "Jiggling Specks" might be.
Melissa Keyes 
St Croix, US Virgin Islands

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