[Coral-List] NCRI RFP for Reef Restoration

Carol Fretwell fretwelc at nova.edu
Wed Jul 27 12:51:50 EDT 2005

NCRI RFP for Reef Restoration


The National Coral Reef Institute (NCRI), at Nova Southeastern University,
announces a request for one-year proposals. NCRI's objectives include
assessment, monitoring, and restoration of coral reefs through basic and
applied research on reef structure and function.  A priority theme
identified for this RFP's funding is: 


.     Coral reef restoration research 


Successful applicant(s) should propose innovative research to identify a gap
or constraint that can be addressed to increase the body of coral reef
science relating to the priority theme. Restoration is an important field of
study, given the current degradation of reefs globally. There are
considerable challenges to understanding and implementing cost-effective
ways to restore reefs. Research syntheses or feasibility studies of science
that show theoretical and practical promise are possibilities. Areas of reef
restoration research that may be considered span the full range of
appropriate restoration topics which may include studies to:


.     Determine the size of reef area required for complete 

      protection so that a viable reef could flourish and could

      possibly seed adjacent areas 


.     Make natural substrata suitable for settlement and high 

      survival of coral larvae or transplants 


.     Seed denuded areas with coral larvae 


Funding available for this award is $25,000 (USD). Additional items may be
budgeted by the PIs from other funding or cost share.  (Previously funded
NCRI projects are not eligible for additional funding under this RFP.)
Special consideration will be given to projects that provide evidence of
supplemental, leveraged, and institutional matching funding to expand or
broaden the proposed activities. Research should have a likelihood of
providing results that will be reported in the scientific literature.
Deadline for receipt of application is midnight local time, Monday, August
22, 2005. Application requirements can be found on the NCRI web site at
http://www.nova.edu/ocean/ncri/index.html.  Funding for the one-year award
is anticipated to begin December 1, 2005.






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