[Coral-List] Ed, not Robert, Carpenter on iron limitation

John McManus jmcmanus at rsmas.miami.edu
Wed Jul 27 15:08:58 EDT 2005

Frank Muller-Karger has kindly reminded me that it was Ed Carpenter, not
Robert Carpenter, who showed iron limitation in the Caribbean Sea. The
original citation was:


Carpenter, E. J. & McCarthy, J. J. 1975. Nitrogen fixation and uptake of
combined nitrogenous nutrients by Oscillatoria (Trichodesmium) thiebautii in
the western Sargasson Sea. Limnol. Oceanogr. 20:389-400.


For more recent work, including corrections to nitrogen fixing rates with
iron additions, see:


Kustka, A; Sanudo-Wilhelmy, S; Carpenter, EJ; Capone, DG; Raven, JA. 2003. A
revised estimate of the iron use efficiency of nitrogen fixation, with
special reference to the marine cyanobacterium Trichodesmium spp.
(Cyanophyta). Journal of Phycology [J. Phycol.]. Vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 12-25. 








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