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Thu Jul 28 11:37:30 EDT 2005

Dear all,

No, Science is also sometime little.

The iron plancton limitation in nutrient rich water is from Martin,
1990. The fertilisation experiments are among other in
Nature 1994, 371, 123-129 & 143-149
Nature 1996, 379, 621-624
Nature, 1996, 383, 495-(no interst for me)
Science 1999 283, 840-843

But there are many problems with it, not to speak of ecosystem side
effect. there are conflicting results of the bloom effects. But above
all it appears that only 10% of the new photosynthesis is exported to
deep sea (what pump in fact CO2). Of course algae respire and are grazed
!. It would require 300 000 tonne iron per year (in sulfate and
acidification). It could draw down pCO2 at 550ppm good scenario by
theoritically 40 ppm (20-80) (Peng & Broecker, 1991, Limnol Oc, 36,
1919-1927), so with the 10%, about 4 ppm CO2. Worthy ? Melissa, where do
you read it could do a new glaciation ???? I suppose some (and more) are
doing every things to get credits. And propose "technical" solutions to
counter-balance their cars.
I think also that ecosystems are multi-limited, i.e. it requires also
Cu, Zn,...a "cure" (or the reverse) of oligo-elements.

But the iron question is an interesting and serious one in corals and
reefs (I just added 4µM FeSO4 yesterday in my aquarium), for cyano
blooms, PS II, may be bleaching (previous emails)


Melissa Keyes a *crit :

> Hello, listers,
> Is the Sahara 'growing'?  seems I remember seeing that
> folks are having troubles with the desert encroaching
> more and more on farm lands, and villages becoming
> buried in sand.
> Also, on the subject of Iron Poor Seas, I once read an
> article about a group of oceanographers who chartered
> a ship, went out into the Pacific ocean, and dumped a
> LOT of (powdered?) iron in the water.  They made quite
> a bloom of algae.  They were surprised that they
> drifted some 800 miles during the weeks they were
> monitoring this bloom.
> They commented that this could be a way to get excess
> CO2 out of the atmousphere, but not done correctly
> they could spawn another ice age.  Isn't Science
> great?
> Cheers,
> Melissa Keyes
> St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
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