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Stephen Simpson s.simpson at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jul 29 06:07:47 EDT 2005

Hi All,


I am pleased to announce that we have had approved a special session at the
Ocean Sciences Meeting in Hawaii next February on Marine Acoustics.  This
conference has a fantastically broad scope, and we hope to reflect that in
our session by attracting speakers from many different disciplines (see
attached advert).  The common theme is Marine Acoustics, a subject that is
increasingly capturing the World's and the scientific community's attention.


There are many ways in which the coral reef environment and marine acoustics
connect, including:


*	Our increasing understanding of the importance of reef noise for
fish (and invertebrate?) navigation and orientation

*	Shipping, drilling, mining, tourist and dive boats, dynamite fishing
and seismic testing all impacting on the natural reef 'soundscape'

*	Researchers now using reef noises to detect, assess, classify and
monitor reefs, particularly in deep or turbid waters

*	Navy and marine navigators needing to filter out reef noise to
enable detection of other sounds


I would be very grateful if you could pass this information on to anyone
else who you think would be interested.


I believe the submission of abstracts will soon be active at the conference
website: http://www.agu.org/meetings/os06/




Steve Simpson


PS: Apologies for cross-posting.


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