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Coral Reef Initiative Coordinator 
Government of American Samoa

General Description

The position of Coral Reef Initiative Coordinator provides for a cohesive approach to coral reef management and science in the Territory of American Samoa by coordinating the activities of five agencies as they relate to the Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG).  These agencies are: the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, the American Samoa Department of Commerce, the National Park of American Samoa, the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency, and the American Samoa Community College's Marine Science Program.  The local program is assisted by regional and national partners, most notably the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's Coral Reef Conservation Program and the US Coral Reef Task Force.


This position also facilitates dialogue and information transfer as necessary to federal and international bodies in their work with CRAG.   In addition to interagency coordination, the incumbent will also be responsible for the management and tracking of funded projects; substantial input into the creation of funding requests; and providing management and scientific advice in the formulation coral reef and associated coastal management projects in American Samoa.  


This is a coral reef management and planning position.  However, the successful applicant will have a demonstrated understanding of a broad range of coastal and marine management issues, including various scientific disciplines, social governance, education, and environmental economics. 


This position is currently located in the American Samoa Department of Commerce and the employee will report to CRAG, with the Chairperson of CRAG as direct supervisor.



Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of this position are to: 


1.      Become and remain familiar with the activities of the US Coral Reef Initiative, which is the main funding body for CRAG work.


2.      Inform and advise CRAG on the activities of national and regional coral reef-related organizations and agencies that will affect them, that require action, and that can be of benefit to them. This may include identifying new funding sources.


3.      Become familiar with, and administer and coordinate as appropriate, funded projects in American Samoa that are critical to coral reef protection. This will include advising project managers. Projects will be tracked to ensure timeliness, adherence to project goals and technical soundness.


4.      Coordinate and organize the process of funding proposals in terms of identifying available funds, evaluating existing and new projects, and compiling these into coherent final proposals. The CRI Coordinator is also responsible for ensuring that reporting requirements to funding bodies are met. 


5.      Provide written and verbal feedback on a periodic basis to CRAG on the progress of CRI projects, mandates, new initiatives, etc. 


6.      Organize and facilitate periodic CRAG meetings.


7.      Manage individual projects as assigned by CRAG. 


8.      Supervise the Coral Reef Public Awareness Coordinator and the NOAA Coral Management Fellow towards successful completion of their duties. 


9.      Occasionally represent the American Samoan Government at regional and national meetings.


10.  Help recruit CRAG funded positions.




This position requires an individual with a minimum of a Master's Degree with an emphasis on coastal/marine management, fisheries, marine science, or oceanography. It is preferred that the person's background includes tropical ecosystems and particularly, coral reefs.  The Coordinator role is predominately a management position.  Applicants who have a marine or coastal science background and a professional interest in project management and evaluation will be looked favorably upon.  Previous administration and supervisory experience would also be preferable. Candidates must be well organized, and have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.



USD 30,000 p.a., subsidized housing and medical costs, and relocation expenses (airfare, shipment of personal effects). Two-year contract, renewable by mutual consent and subject to continued funding.  


To apply

Send a cover letter and resume/CV addressed to


Lelei Peau, Coral Reef Advisory Group Chairman 

American Samoa Department of Commerce

Executive Office Building

Utulei, American Samoa 96799 USA


Due to periodic postal delays, email applications are encouraged and may be sent to Christopher Hawkins, CRI Coordinator, at chawkins at doc.asg.as  Applications will be accepted through  Monday June 27.  Please visit our website for more information on the program at http://doc.asg.as/crag

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