[Coral-List] Community based Marine ecosystem management

Yusuf, Yusri (WorldFish) y.yusuf at cgiar.org
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a quick search in ReefBase littrature section at http://www.reefbase.org/references/ref_literature.asp
using keywords: community base
will yeild 98 documents and 37 are online documents
there is also a publication on the topic by WorldFish Center - "An Institutional Analysis of Sasi Laut in Maluku, Indonesia" available at  http://www.worldfishcenter.org/pub_sasi.htm
please have a look


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Bula to all,

my name is Winifereti Nainoca and am particularly interested if anyone has done any research work on community based Marine Ecosystem management ( a plus would be emphasis on social capital aspect) .... marine protected areas.... traditional indigenous methods of conservation... etc

kind regards,

School of General Studies
Fiji Institute of Technology
Suva, Fiji

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