[Coral-List] Early bleaching and plague-like syndrome in Culebra

Hernandez Edwin coral_giac at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 25 22:11:50 EDT 2005

Dear coral-listers!

Saludos. Just a short communication from Culebra
Island, Puerto Rico. Mean SST has increased up to 29C
at 8 m, with 30.5C at 3 m.

There are already bleached colonies of the following
coral species:

1. Montastraea annularis.
2. Agaricia agaricites.
3. Leptoseris cucullata.
4. Siderastrea siderea.
5. Diploria clivosa.
6. Millepora alcicornis.

Also, several M. annularis colonies within our
permanent monitoring site were infected with a 
"white plague-like" syndrome. So far, there were a few
almost completely killed colonies, and several others
with >50% mortality. Coral size ranged from about 50
cm to about 2 m.

There were also another group of M. cavernosa infected
with BBD.

We'll provide another update from the field later next


(from Culebra)

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