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Sara Maxwell Sara at mcbi.org
Mon Jun 27 11:38:50 EDT 2005

Marine Conservation Biology Institute is pleased to announce the
publication of Marine Conservation Biology: The Science of Maintaining
the Sea's Biodiversity, edited by MCBI President Elliott Norse and Larry
Crowder, Director of Duke University's Center for Marine Conservation.
Written for decision makers, research and teaching faculty,
post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and advanced undergraduates, it
is the first multidisciplinary synthesis in marine conservation.
Contributors offer insights on the nature of marine biodiversity, what
threatens it, and what humans can and must do to recover the biological
integrity of the world's estuaries, coastal seas, and oceans.

The book strives to create a conceptual framework for the new field of
marine conservation biology, the science of protecting, recovering, and
sustainably using the living sea.  Although both of the editors are
marine ecologists, it is clear that humans are integral to both the
problems and solutions.  As a result, human dimensions are an integral
part of the book. A sampling of the diverse chapters includes: 

Back to the Future in Marine Conservation by Larry B. Crowder

Extinction Risk in Marine Species by Ransom A. Myers and C. Andrea

The Magnitude and Consequences of Bioinvasions in Marine Ecosystems:
Implications for Conservation Biology by James T. Carlton and Gregory M.

Diseases and the Conservation of Marine Biodiversity by Kiho Kim, Andy
P. Dobson, Frances M.D. Gulland, and C. Drew Harvell

Effects of Fishing on Long-Lived Marine Organisms by Selina S. Heppell,
Scott A. Heppell, Andrew J. Read and Larry B. Crowder

Marine Reserve Function and Design for Fisheries Management by Joshua
Sladek Nowlis and Alan Friedlander

Place-Based Ecosystem Management in the Open Ocean by Elliott A. Norse,
Larry B. Crowder, Kristina Gjerde, David Hyrenbach, Callum M. Roberts,
Carl Safina, and Michael E. Soule.

Metapopulation Structure and the Enhancement of Exploited Species by
Marine Reserves by Romuald N. Lipcius, Larry B. Crowder and Lance E.

Developing Rules to Manage Fisheries: A Cross-Cultural Perspective by
James M. Acheson.

Uncertainty in Marine Management by Louis W. Botsford and Ana M. Parma

Recovering Populations and Restoring Ecosystems: Restoration of Coral
Reefs and Related Marine Communities by Robert H. Richmond.

Toward a Sea Ethic by Dorinda G. Dallmeyer

Ending the Range Wars on the Last Frontier: Zoning the Sea by Elliott A.

Island Press is currently offering the book at a 20% introductory
discount, although we don't know how long that will last.  

More information is available at:

To request an examination copy: 

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