[Coral-List] Fertilizer Runoff Question

Kevan Christensen kevan_christensen at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 28 19:35:41 EDT 2005

     I am a high school student planning a project
involving nutrient enrichment on coral reefs. I am
considering using fertilizer as the source of nutrient
enrichment as I wish to simulate runoff from
agricultural areas. I am in search of any available
data for any coastal areas detailing estimated amounts
of fertilizer runoff. I will be using 10 gallon
aquariums for my experiment, so it will be different
from an actual reef, but I want to get some idea of
how much fertilizer to add. The only literature I have
yet found on this topic is Thacker et al. 2001 in
Journal of Wildlife Conservation. Thanks very much!

Kevan Christensen

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