[Coral-List] Marine Science Internships

Joanie Kleypas kleypas at ucar.edu
Fri Mar 4 17:46:37 EST 2005

I am looking for institutions which offer internships to recent 
graduates in the marine sciences and can accommodate young marine 
scientists with handicaps.  This question arises from a story about a 
handicapped graduate from an esteemed Marine Science program, who is 
highly qualified academically and SCUBA-certified, but has not been able 
to find an internship that will support handicapped persons in field 

If you know of any internship possiblities for handicapped graduates at 
your institution or others, please email me privately and I will 
accumulate the information and post a summary to the list.

Many thanks,
Joanie Kleypas

Joan Kleypas
Institute for the Study of Society and Environment
National Center for Atmospheric Research
PO Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000

kleypas at ucar.edu

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