[Coral-List] CO2 System Time-Series Data

Dwight Gledhill Dwight.Gledhill at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 10 13:03:59 EST 2005

Hi All,
I'm new to the coral-list serve so I'm hoping this is an appropriate 
place to drop this request.  I've just started working at NOAA NESDIS 
Coral Reef Watch (http://coralreefwatch.noaa.gov/) and we are attempting 
to derive numerical algorithms that would relate various remotely sensed 
parameters (i.e. SST, ocean color, sea state) to seasonal changes in the 
CO2 system in proximity to coral reef environments.  We are seeking out 
historical time-series data other than BATS and HOT that would include 
measurements of two of the four CO2 related parameters (pH, pCO2, 
alkalinity, total dissolved inorganic carbon) in close affiliation with 
a coral reef system.  Preferably alkalinity and total dissolved 
inorganic carbon.  If anyone could direct us to data of this kind please 
contact us here at the Coral Reef Watch. 

Dwight Gledhill
phone: 301-713-9386
e-mail: dwight.gledhill at noaa.gov

Felipe Arzayus
phone: 301-713-2857
e-mail: felipe.arzayus at noaa.gov

NOAA/NESDIS Coral Reef Watch
E/RA3 SSMC1 5309
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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