[Coral-List] How Much Protection for NWHI Coral Reefs?

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*    How Much Protection    *
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* the NW Hawaiian Islands?  *
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Dear Friend of Coral Reefs,

You have a rare opportunity to help protect the Northwestern Hawaiian
Islands -- one of the last large, intact coral reef ecosystems in the
world --  by going to http://www.reefguardian.org/#speak and clicking on
the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands public comment letter link.

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands stretch across more than 1,200
nautical miles northwest of the main Hawaiian Islands, and encompass
almost 70 percent of the coral reefs under United States control.  They
may be America's last opportunity to protect a nearly intact coral reef
ecosystem, and to repair the damage inflicted to date. 

Right now, plans are being drafted to establish the Northwestern
Hawaiian Islands as a National Marine Sanctuary.  Sadly, however, many
of the existing U.S. national marine sanctuaries have so far proven
insufficient to protect the species and habitats within from the adverse
effects of overfishing, pollution, poorly managed tourism, and other
activities. If the same approach is taken in the Northwestern Hawaiian
Islands, damage to this nearly pristine coral ecosystem is virtually

To let the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
know how much and what type of protection you would like to see given to
the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands coral reef ecosystem, please go to
http://www.reefguardian.org/#speak and click on the Northwestern
Hawaiian Islands public comment letter link.

Thanks for caring,

ReefGuardian International

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