[Coral-List] sediment stress on corals

Adriana Salazar ayucyuan at yahoo.com.mx
Tue Mar 15 13:55:39 EST 2005

Sediment stress on corals

Hello, my name is Adriana Salazar. I am working 

on a PhD thesis at

CICESE, Ensenada (Mexico) on land-based sources 

of pollution on reefs,

especially sediments.


I have some data of my own, which have led me to 

some tentative

generalizations. I would really like more 

data-huge amounts, if

possible. I would like to hear from people 

working on the effects of

sediments on reefs, who have data on sediment 

resuspension or sedimentation rates, values of clorophyll A, suspended particulate matter and the state of coral

"health" in the area...should 

publications result from this

exercise (and they should, because I have to 

graduate soon!) I would

offer co-authorships to anyone whose data I use. All I need is a lot of numbers, to run them through the model I have.

Thank you very much; my apologies to all that are not interested.


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