[Coral-List] 2005 Acropora palmata Spawning

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Hi Bernadette:
I have been asked by a few people to give my best guess for the Acropora palmata (and by the way, should apply also for A. cervicornis where that species can be found).  For the Northern Caribbean (PR/USVI to FL; and I assume also Central America) I am going with the August full moon with predicted dates of spawning from Aug 23 to 26.  Last sumemr they spawned in Florida on the 4th night after the full moon.  Previous years we have had major spawning on nights 2, 3, 5 and 6 after the full moon.  These Acropora  are not as predictable as the Montastraea, which makes them more difficult to work with.   Best plan is to be out there the night before you expect them to go off just in case.
For our area, I think the July full moon will be too early, although we did get a minor amount of spawning after the July full moon two years ago.  If you have the resources it certainly would be prudent to be out there then as well.
Hope this helps,
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Hola coral-listers,

While on the subject of Caribbean spawning, I would like to interject with
an inquiry about predictions for Acropora palmata spawning this year? I know
it is early, but I am planning a project in the Dominican Republic and need
anyone's best guestimate on the A. palmata spawn  dates (and times?) in the

The reason for my confusion is that last year there was a full moon on July
31 and A. palmata seemed to spawn in early August. There was also a full
moon on August 28. This year the full moons will be on July 21, August 18,
and Sept. 17. Would it be correct to focus monitoring on the week of the
August 18 full moon, despite the fact that last year's spawning was
predicted one cycle earlier, around the late July/early August full moon?

In short, does anyone have a good estimate of spawn dates and times for A.
palmata  in the Dominican Republic?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Bernadette Bezy
Universidad de Costa Rica
b_bezy at hotmail.com

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