[Coral-List] multivariate analysis of coral data (raw data and references needed!)

Salvador Herrando salherra at ono.com
Sun Mar 20 02:47:54 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,

I am Spanish ecologist shortly lecturing a postgraduate course on multivariate analysis of coral data in Colombia (further details available if required).

I would like to make a double enquiry from you:

1/ Along the course, the participants will be doing some practical exercises on the methods described. I would higly appreciate if I could borrow from you some raw data already used in published publication. I am particularly interested in species x samples data basis, all the better if including environmental data from exactly the same locality where faunal coverage was measured. Please append a copy of your publication (pdf, reprint, xerox as convenient) to the data set. The data would be exclusively used for academic purposes within the period of the course (unfortunately I could only find two papers in the Ecological Archives series with coral data, and neither had species x sample data).

2/ I am carrying out a bibliographic review on the use of multivariate methods (mainly constrained and unconstrained ordination) in coral research (reference list available on request). The main yield of papers comes from a search by key words in the ASFAS data base, which misses any publication where statistical methods are quoted in neither the title nor the abstract sections. All the same, I would highly appreciate if you could send me a pdf file or a reprint of any of your publications where ordination methods have been used.

Many thanks indeed for your support.

Salvador Herrando-Pérez
BSc. MPhil. Aquatic Biology

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12006 Castellón de la Plana
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