[Coral-List] Bleaching Event in Northeast Madagascar

simon sharding at wcs.org
Mon Mar 21 08:26:27 EST 2005

Dear Listers,

We would like to report a bleaching event in north-east Madagascar. On a field trip to Tampolo Marine Reserve in Antongil Bay last week (15 - 18 March) we observed significant bleaching in shallow waters between 2 and 4 m depth. Initial estimates indicate that around 80% of massive corals and 50% of encrusting corals were bleached, either completely or partially. Between 4 and 7 metres bleaching was also seen, but to a lesser extent. Soft corals, anemones and giant clams were also affected in shallow waters. Bleaching was observed at other locations in Antongil Bay, at Nosy Mangabe and at the northern mouth of the bay at Cap Masoala. Further reports for the region are now being collected. Unfortunately no SST values were recorded in situ during the last week. Anecdotal reports indicate an unusually calm and rain-free period with clear skies for the first half of March.

We are now planning an immediate rapid assessment of the coral reefs in the region to record the bleaching event in detail.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

best regards,

Simon Harding and Bemahafaly Randriamanantsoa

WCS Marine Program - Madagascar

Wildlife Conservation Society,

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