[Coral-List] coral restoration using electrical currents

William Allison beliamall at dhivehinet.net.mv
Thu Mar 24 02:12:51 EST 2005

Iain MacDonald's asked: "Are such structures capable of sustaining the
physical battering of 1 in 100 year storms?"

Ari Spenhoff responded: "By the way the structures in the Maldives were
unharmed by the Tsunami."

With respect to reef damage, I wonder if the tsunami experienced in Maldives
can be equated to the sort of storm Iain speaks of. Regardless of that
question, two empirical studies (Goffredo, 2005; Gunn, 2005) help to put
Ari's response in perspective. In both cases the authors have concluded that
except in some eastern channels, there was little damage to Maldivian reefs.

1. Goffredo, Stephano, 2005. Taking inventory of the coral reefs in the
Maldives two weeks after the tsunami disaster. Biology Department,
University of Bologna.
2. Gunn, J. et al., 2005. An Assessment of Damage to Maldivian Coral Reefs
and Baitfish Populations from the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Prepared by an
Australian Government Mission and the Maldives Marine Research Centre.

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> Subject: [Coral-List] coral restoration using electrical currents
> By the way, the
> structures in the Maldives were unharmed by the
> Tsunami.

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