[Coral-List] coral restoration using electrical currents

Nicolas J. Pilcher pilcher at tm.net.my
Fri Mar 25 02:18:21 EST 2005

>With respect to reef damage, I wonder if the tsunami experienced in Maldives
>can be equated to the sort of storm Iain speaks of. Regardless of that
>question, two empirical studies (Goffredo, 2005; Gunn, 2005) help to put
>Ari's response in perspective. In both cases the authors have concluded that
>except in some eastern channels, there was little damage to Maldivian reefs.

Likely not. My colleagues on Ihuru island, where the structure in question 
is located, reported absolutely no damage to their island, and the tsunami 
at that point was much like a 6 ft rise in sea level which lasted some 6 
minutes, according to the residents of the island. Doubtful indeed that 
this even comes close to a significant storm, not even a 1 in 100 year one,

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