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Mark Heckman mheckman at waquarium.org
Tue Nov 1 14:06:41 EST 2005


I have them in hard copy from the original journals in the mid 90s, but not 
pdf if that helps. You can order them online of course if you need a clean pdf.

I used the Liddle and Kay papers for a trampling study I did behind the 
Waikiki Aquarium in 94 (unpublished). This area is an algal dominated flat, 
similar to many wave washed back reef areas in Hawaii. Almost no fixed 
coral growth, only ephemeral fragments and isolated small colonies. Very 
different from the habitats described in the Liddle and Kay studies. More 
analogous in many respects to the work done on human impacts on temperate 
intertidal areas.

I am redoing that Waikiki study currently and am interested if you are 
doing trampling work here in Hawaii - or if anyone else is working on human 
trampling impacts on algal dominated reef flats that might relate.


Mark Heckman
Waikiki Aquarium/ University of Hawaii-Manoa
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At 09:05 AM 10/31/2005, Colby Kearns wrote:
>Aloha All,
>I am a graduate student at the University of Hawaii and am in need of 
>assistance locating a couple of sources relevant to my thesis research. If 
>anyone could provide information on how to obtain pdf copies of the 
>following papers, I would very grateful.
>Liddle, M.J. and Kay, A.M. Resistance, survival, and recovery of trampled 
>corals on the Great Barrier Reef.  Biological Conservation 42 (1987) 1-18.
>Liddle, M.J. and Kay, A.M. Impact of human trampling in different zones of 
>a coral reef flat.  Environmental Management 4 (1989) 509-520.
>Colby Kearns
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