[Coral-List] Ocean acidification at EGU 2006

Gattuso, Jean-Pierre gattuso2 at obs-vlfr.fr
Wed Nov 2 12:22:52 EST 2005

   Sorry for cross-postings.
   Dear Colleague,
   We wish to draw your attention to the session:
   "BG6.02:  Ocean acidification: chemistry, paleo-analogues, response of
   organisms and ecosystems, and modeling"
   to be held at the EGU meeting, Vienna, Austria, 02-07 April 2006.
   We  encourage  submissions  to  this  session from a broad geographic,
   thematic  and instrumental range. The absolute abstract deadline is 13
   January 2006.
   The  aim  of  this  session  is to review recent data on the chemical,
   biological,  and geological consequences of rising atmospheric CO2 and
   resulting  ocean  acidification. Conceptual, experimental and modeling
   contributions are welcome and all time scales will be considered.
   Jean-Pierre Gattuso ([1]mailto:gattuso at obs-vlfr.fr)
   Joanie Kleypas ([2]mailto:kleypas at ucar.edu)
   Jim Orr ([3]mailto:James.Orr at cea.fr)
   Ulf Riebesell ([4]mailto:uriebesell at ifm-geomar.de)
   Further information:
   Contributions  may be oral or poster, but the programme organizers aim
   to  have  70% or more of the presentations as posters.  Authors should
   indicate  their  preference,  but  the  conveners  and  organizers may
   allocate  contributions to either oral or poster in order to reach the
   desired  oral:poster ratio.  Further information is available from the
   meeting web site at [5]http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2006/.
   Important deadlines:
   Deadline for Support Applications: 09 December 2005
   Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts: 13 January 2006
   Deadlines for Pre-Registration: 10 March 2006
   Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Joanie Kleypas, Jim Orr and Ulf Riebesell


   1. mailto:gattuso at obs-vlfr.fr
   2. mailto:kleypas at ucar.edu
   3. mailto:James.Orr at cea.fr
   4. mailto:uriebesell at ifm-geomar.de
   5. http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2006/

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