[Coral-List] The surface area of the Great Barrier Reef

K.Newton at uea.ac.uk K.Newton at uea.ac.uk
Thu Nov 17 11:44:05 EST 2005

Dear Listers,

I am a PhD student currently finishing some research into the
sustainability of the World's coral reef fisheries. I have used estimates
of shallow water coral reef areas from the excellent 'World Atlas of Coral
Reefs', but require one last piece of information...

Spalding et al (2001) provide a great deal of information on Australia's
coral reefs, including the size of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
However, I would like to know the approximate surface area of the coral
reefs which make up the Great Barrier Reef - not including the surrounding

I would be most grateful for any assistance with this.

Kind Regards,
Katie Newton
School of Biological Sciences
University of East Anglia

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