[Coral-List] Exciting learning opportunity on the Great Barrier Reef

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg oveh at uq.edu.au
Mon Nov 21 22:54:07 EST 2005

The link below is to inform teachers, researchers and students interested in
marine studies in Australia during the northern hemisphere summer, from June
to August 2006.  The Great Barrier Reef Study Program, coordinated by the
Centre for Marine Studies at The University of Queensland offers courses in:


*     Coral Reef Ecosystems <http://www.cms.uq.edu.au/GBRSP/cre.htm>  

*     Physical-Biological Oceanography

*     Marine Microscopy Microanalysis

*     Marine Neurobiology <http://www.cms.uq.edu.au/GBRSP/MN.htm>  

*     Coastal Resource Management <http://www.cms.uq.edu.au/GBRSP/CRM.htm> 

*     Tropical Marine Invertebrates <http://www.cms.uq.edu.au/GBRSP/TMI.htm>


For further information, visit Great Barrier Reef Study Program
<http://www.cms.uq.edu.au/GBRSP>  at The University of Queensland.  Please
forward to those who might be interested.




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