[Coral-List] New publication on deep-sea corals

Jennifer Maresh jen.maresh at mcbi.org
Tue Nov 22 17:46:53 EST 2005

Marine Conservation Biology Institute (MCBI) produced a special issue of
"Current: the Journal of Marine Education" on deep-sea corals. This
issue highlights recent explorations and research focusing on coral in
US waters, and includes 3 lesson plans for grades 5 through 12. The
target audiences are educators (in both formal and informal settings)
and anyone who would like an introduction to the biology and
conservation of US deep-sea corals. 



Current Log

What are Deep-Sea Corals? 

The Search for Deep-Sea Corals - Establishing a Foundation for Research
and Management 

Corals that Live on Mountaintops 

The Intertwined Fates of Precious Corals and Monk Seals

Activity: Leaving Home (for grades 5-6)

Exploring Deep-Sea Coral Habitat on the Edge - Alaska's Aleutian Islands

Deep-Sea Corals are Long-Lived Historians

Activity: History's Thermometers (for grades 9-12) 

Christmas Tree Corals: A New Species Discovered off Southern California 

An Aquatic Pharmacy: The Biomedical Potential of the Deep Sea 

Deep-Water Reefs off Southeastern U.S.: Recent Discoveries and Research

Activity: How Am I Supposed to Eat That? (for grades 7-8) 

Integrated European Research into Cold-Water Coral Reefs 

Threats to Deep-Sea Corals and their Conservation in U.S. Waters 

Climate Change and Deep-Sea Corals 


If you're in the US and would like a hard copy, please send us an
envelope that is

- self-addressed

- 9"x12" or larger

- bearing postage of $1.42 and

- marked as Media Mail. 

Our mailing address is: MCBI, 2122 112TH AVE NE STE B300, BELLEVUE WA


You can also download selected articles from our website at


"Current: the Journal of Marine Education" is a publication of the
National Marine Educators Association (www.marine-ed.org).



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