[Coral-List] Contacting coral reef scientists and "reef practitioners" in (Western) Samoa

Christopher Hawkins chwkins at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 22:40:44 EST 2005

  I would definately contact the Governor's Coral Reef Advisory Group in American Samoa as a starting point,  As the former Coordinator for the American Samoa Coral Reef Initiative, we had close relations with both the Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, as well as the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP).  CRAG's website is http://doc.asg.as/crag, the new Coordinator is Meredith Speicher (mspeicher at doc.asg.as).  In Samoa, Lui Bell of the Fisheries Program was often a contact for us.  The email I have for him is Lui.bell at lesamoa.net
  In addition, I would go to SPREP's website for information about community-based efforts (they are well under way in Samoa and have provided a model for American Samoa).   www.sprep.org.ws
  You also may want to contact some folks who work within American Samoa's Community-based Fisheries Management Program.  Selina Vaituatolu is the Program Manager (herene at hotmail.com) and Risa Oram is the territorial MPA Coordinator (risaoram at yahoo.com).  Both work at the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources in Pago Pago and are very familiar with counterpart efforts in Samoa.
  Finally, before I departed AS, I helped guide a Master's project there.  Ed Rudberg just finished up at RSMAS, but I believe he is currently in Eden Prairie, which I think is close to you.  He is very familiar with both American Samoa and Samoa and if you two are close geographically, it might help your planning efforts to have him stop by for a chat with you.  I have cced him on this email.
  Good luck.
  I am considering Western Samoa as a site for an 
undergraduate travel course
("Human Impacts on Coral Reefs," previously 
taught in the Philippines).  Can
anyone suggest people and places whom/which I 
should investigate during a
familiarization visit to Samoa in January 2006?  
Of particular interest
would be communities and cultural practices 
analogous to the successful
community-based reef preservation program at Apo 
Island off the south east
coast of Negros Island in the Philippines.

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