[Coral-List] CIRCoP - Edition 3 - Looking for Talks

Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert fabrice at reefkeepers.net
Sun Oct 2 15:14:48 EDT 2005

Dear All,

For the CIRCoP's 3rd edition (mid november 2006 in Paris - France), we are now looking for talks about Coral Reefs / Sea Life / Reef Aquaria / Environment / Corals / Human Health

Request for Talks
We would like to offer our visitors at least 12 brand new HIGH QUALITY talks, if possible never discussed before during CIRCoP (see previous Talks bellow). 
Please apply, replying to this email, with one or more Topic Title + 5/10 lines of abstract. 
If you know Great Lecturers we should write to, thanks a lot for providing us their email.

Our Offer :
Air Fares and Hotel Nights & Breakfasts (up to 4, depending from where you will come from) will be offered. 

Technical details :
- Talks must be in an excellent French or English
- All presentations MUST be supported by some MICROSOFT POWERPOINT SLIDES (because of room sizes, we cannot use traditionnal plastic Slides)
- Talks must be 45/50 minutes long (including 5 minutes of Q/A)
- Video can be used (embedded of aside).
- CIRCoP, also called "the Underwater Life Festival", is a General public Event organized in Paris (France) in order share Knowledge, Projects and Best Pratices about coral reefs and sea life. Visitors' level can range from Dummies to Scientists, but all talks should be at a medium level to ensure everyone will have a chance to enjoy each.
- All Talks will be real time translated in French or English (no other language is allowed, for technical reasons). 

Thanks a lot for every talk or lecturer you will suggest. 

Best Regards
Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert
www.reefkeepers.net - President
www.circop.com - Director

More About CIRCoP :

For more information and pictures about the Event, please check this web site : http://www.circop.com/US_default.html

2003 CIRCoP's Talks : 
  J.E.N Veron    : What kind of coral is that ?
  E. Thaller        : Coexistence (commensalic relationship, ev. parasitism) between Corals and Fish in the reef aquarium and in nature
  P. Scaps        : Scuba Diving Influence on Coral Reef Status
  T. Heeger        : Coral Farming by fisher folk: a new chance to reverse the trend of reef destruction? Followed by : Cyanide fishing:still an issue in the Philippine marine ornamental trade?
  R. Galzin         : To hide, to eat, to have sex.... The hard life of fish under tropics
  J. Sprung        : Coral bleaching: How do aquarium observations compare to observations on wild reefs?
  S. Weinberg    : Unknown submarine species : an important patrimony to protect
  M. Kochzius    : Allies and enemies, camouflage and feint - or how to survive in a coral reef ?
  J. Sprung        : Ecological, ethical, political, and physiological considerations for a responsible Marine Aquarium Hobby and its industry
  JL Patat          : Coral, from water to bones
  S. Planes        : Biogeography and Indo-Pacific Fish evolution
  E. Borneman   : "Planting Corals" Using Cultured Corals to Create Better Reefs
  G. Hodgson     : The Coral Reef Crisis: A Global Rescue Plan
  E. Bornman     : Rainbow on the Reef: Why Coral Reefs Are So Colorful
  S. Weinberg    : Reefs without tourists or tourists without reefs ? 

2005 CIRCoP's Talks: 

  Main Talks
  Gary Ostrander     : The Significance of Color in Coral Reef Fishes , 
  Mary Wicksten     : Camouflage in the Sea , 
  Paul Holthus         : Healthy Reefs, Healthy Hobby, a symbiotic relashionship, 
  Serge Planes        : Did Nemo find his parents ? How fish larve dispersal analysis can help a better coral reef management
  Charles Mazel       : Fluorescence on the Reef
  Roy Caldwell         : Mantis shrimp: Still the Fastest Claw in the West
  Patrick Louisy       : Living Together : Inter-specific associations on the reef
  Gregor Hodgson    :The Failure of Marine Conservation What can we do about it? 
  Ginette Allard        : Sulawesi, a diving paradise located in the middle of the biodiversity gold triangle, 

  Aquaria Talks : 
  Eric Tran                  : Two main reef aquaria concepts
  Hervé Rousseau       : Reef zoning
  Matthieu Colombel    : Sea water chemistry
  Claude Hug              : Water movments in aquarium 
  Paul Holthus            : MAC Certification & Aquaria
  Christian Seitz         : Echinoderms in aquariums
  Vincent Chalias        : Raised Corals 
  Vincent Chalias        :  Catching fish for the aquaria trade
  Frédéric Amblard      : CITES 

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