[Coral-List] spawning curacao

Mark Vermeij Mark.Vermeij at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 5 15:51:58 EDT 2005

Ola- On teh night of the 24th of september, a massive coral spawning 
was observed on Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, with a slightly less 
fireworks teh next day and nothing at all on the 26th.
M. faveolata: started at 20h30; 80% of population spawned around 22h00
M. cavernosa (m+f): 20h30-22h30 
S. siderea : 22h00
Brittle starts and gorgonians spawned as well
M. annularis: 20h45-22h15
Brittle starts and gorgonians spawned as well

Note the temporal separation between the two Montastraea species, 
which I have never observed on Curacao before. M. franksi spawnes 
earlier normally (+/- one hour) but was not present at he site where 
this monitoring round was carried out (i.e. Snakebay). 
Furthermore in contrast to many other places in teh region, I am happy 
to tell you that there has been no bleaching observed at all on 
Curacaoan reefs.

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Dr. M. Vermeij

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