[Coral-List] Ras Mohammed data

steve mcmellor smcmellor at lycos.co.uk
Wed Oct 5 15:43:38 EDT 2005

   Hi listers,

   I  am  currently  compiling a report on the status of the reefs within
   the Ras Mohammed National Park in Egypt for the Egyptian Environmental
   Affairs  Agency.  Unfortunately  there seems to be a lack of published
   data  on  rates  of  benthic  cover  for  this region. I would be very
   grateful  if  anyone could point me in the direction of any references
   or  pdf's  with  data from pre- 1998(COTs outbreak) and also post 2003
   (post COTs).

   Many thanks,

   Steve McMellor

   Coral Reef Research Unit

   University of Essex(UK)

   [1]smcmel at Essex.ac.uk

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