[Coral-List] Re: coral mining sites + remote sensingdata images of coral reefs = many thanks

Anjali Bahuguna anjali at sac.isro.gov.in
Fri Oct 7 01:55:31 EDT 2005

Tamir Caras

Satellite images can be effectively used for both type of coral mining 
referred to by Dr. Williams.

For first case mining (sands, blocks for building, etc.) multi-temporal or 
atleast two time images help. We have observed and monitored such a mining in 
the Gulf of Mannar, India using medium reolution satellite data. The pre and 
the post image comparisons show areas that have been mined as totally gone or 
eroded. Natural erosion does not happen so fast (say in a matter of one-year 
or less period) unless it is tsunami caused eroson. This kind of eroded reef 
is then verified on ground and monitored subsequently. 

for second case the suggestions of Dr. Williams are perfect.

If you need help in identifying such mined eroded areas you may contact me.

All the best.

Anjali Bahuguna
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Tom Williams <ctwiliams at yahoo.com> said:

> Tamir caras 
> Two major types of coral mining -
> 1.  mining for sands, aggregate, and block for
> building - relatively small pocket operations -
> difficult to capture on SatImages
> Similar impacts to that of dynamite/carbide reef
> fishing.
> 2.  mining for cement - try Yanbu Cement Factory north
> of Yanbu Saudi Arabia and east and south coasts of
> Hainan Island - industrial and larger - persistant and
> easier to caputre on SatImages
> Go after the No. 2 first, easier
> Where are you starting from?? 
> Dr. Tom Williams
> --- tamir caras <thecoralminingproject at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > Dear readers,
> > I am about to embark on a project looking at the
> > ecological impact and socio-economics of coral
> > mining.  What’s more - I am proposing to eventually
> > do the monitoring using remote sensing.  
> > Predominantly (at this stage), I am looking for
> > sites where coral mining is taking place or has
> > taken place, particularly if this has been
> > documented in any form.  
> My prime site is in Southern Tanzania but I suspect
> Mozambique would have similar problem(?), I hear Sri
> Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia and the Philippines have
> different forms of this practice.  
> > If any of you comes across coral mining or can offer
> > any insight into this tradition, potential sites or
> > anything at all, could you please let me know?  
> Additionally (being greedy) if anyone has any
> satellite or airborne images relevant to effected
> areas - I would be much indebted.  
> If anyone out there has valuable information on either
> subjects, could you please make contact to me
> through this list or directly at
> thecoralminingproject at yahoo.com Many thanks for your
> attention
> > Tamir
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