[Coral-List] Guana Cay Post

Erik Gauger erik at notesfromtheroad.com
Tue Oct 11 18:59:49 EDT 2005

Dear Coral List folks,

Some of you have asked to see more photos of the actual coral reef
which is adjacent to the proposed golf course on Guana Cay. I just
got some photos that were taken last week. They are posted here:


If you look at the images and compare them to the developers master
plan, you can extrapolate the enormity of this project. One of you,
Andrew Ross, had mistaken me for being the developer and thanked me
for being transparent, which he said was unusual for a developer.
With that said, now I am curious why the coral community becomes so
tight-lipped once it gets involved in development issues? Shouldn't
marine ecologists associated with developments communicate with the
public and the scientific community regardless of who they work
for? No offense, but it seems there is no baseline of ethics among
the coral world. It would seem common sense that marine ecologists
associated with developments should have to answer the deficiencies
that the rest of the scientific community is digging up regarding
their EIA. In this case, even the International Vice President of
the Sierra Club is asking the developer for more transparency. Why
is communication so difficult?


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