[Coral-List] Reefs at Risk data available through online GIS

Anthony Dvarskas ADVARSKAS at wri.org
Fri Oct 14 16:43:11 EDT 2005

Reefs at Risk in the Caribbean data are available through two online GIS services.

ReefBase (www.reefbase.org) - Reefs at Risk results from the global (1998), Southeast Asia (2002) and Caribbean (2004) analyses are available from ReefBase's online GIS (http://reefgis.reefbase.org/mapper.asp). This site displays Reefs at Risk threat analysis results along with a range of other reef-related data sets and satellite images.

Caribbean Reefs at Risk (http://coralreefs.nbii.gov/reefsatrisk)* A web site focused on threats to Caribbean coral reefs has been developed through a partnership of the World Resources Institute (WRI), The University of the West Indies Caribbean Coastal Data Center (UWI-CDC), International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN), United Nations Environment Programme * Caribbean Environment Programme (UNEP-CEP), and the United States Geological Survey - National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII). The site provides base data on the Caribbean basin, watersheds, and land-based threats to coral reefs, highlighting the results of the Reefs at Risk in the Caribbean analysis. The site provides mapping using online GIS, as well as data for download accompanied by metadata.

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