[Coral-List] Two PhD student positions available in Coral Molecular Ecology

Andrew Baker abaker at rsmas.miami.edu
Wed Oct 19 10:27:57 EDT 2005

Two positions are available beginning August 2006 at the University of
Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) for
graduate students interested in reef coral molecular ecology and


Three years' funding are available, and students will be involved in
research funded by the US National Science Foundation and the Pew Institute
for Ocean Science, using field surveys and laboratory experiments to study
the responses of reef corals and their symbiotic dinoflagellates
("zooxanthellae") to climate change. 


Candidates must apply for, and be accepted to, the Ph.D. program in the
Division of Marine Biology and Fisheries at RSMAS, which involves taking the
GRE General test and the GRE Biology subject test. The department's deadline
for admissions is January 1st 2006. Further information on applying can be
found at:


Interested students are also encouraged to apply for independent research
funding when eligible, such as the US NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship
(deadline November 2nd:


Students should be SCUBA certified and able to pass a physical exam to
obtain scientific diver certification through the American Academy of
Underwater Sciences (AAUS).


Interested candidates should contact Prof. Andrew Baker as early as possible
at abaker at rsmas.miami.edu, with a current CV, and a cover letter outlining
their educational background, research interests and experience.


Please post this advertisement as appropriate.



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