[Coral-List] Reef Microfauna Survey, reply asked for

Martin Pêcheux martin.pecheux at free.fr
Wed Oct 19 15:51:37 EDT 2005

Dear Colleagues,

Worldwide reef microfauna samples send to us may have requirements of
cost shipping repay. Please indicates it:

We will ask for reef microfauna samples, in particular for small and
large foraminifers, in the frame of ReefCheck/GCRMN, soon to be adopted
as an Optional Method.
Ubiquitous foraminifers are excellent bio-indicators. Symbiotic
foraminifers have a physiology and ecology similar to corals. They also
bleach, and show now frequent spectacular shell abnormalities.
Emphasise is also on long-term conservation for baseline monitoring,
with possibility of other microfauna and biogeochemical studies in 20,
50 or more years.

It will consist in collecting three samples at the 10 metres mid-depth
- upper layer of sand, one-two centimetres thickness, on two hands
- rubbles covered by turf algae, with total surface of about two hands;
- various algae, in a bag of about one litre, without sediments to keep
only living forms;
It takes a great maximum of 10 minutes per sample. These samples can be
simply dried on newspapers in the shade before sending. To reduce the
weight, rubbles can be sweetly brushed and algae rubbed like delicate
clothes in a bucket, then only microfauna collected, before drying on
paper in the shade. The shipping is less than one kilo.
More at request, soon on Web. Your advice is also certainly welcome.

The problem is with sponsors for the repay of the cost of shipping
(10-20$ ?), of course for poor countries. In order to have a better
evaluation of the needs, can you just reply:
#1 (I will send in any case the samples)
#2 (repay would help me much)
#3 (I will send samples only if repay)
Thanks to indicate also your sampling place.
If you have few minutes to find it out, can you also tell me the cost of
mailing one kilo to France?

Many thanks,

Dr. Martin Pêcheux
Institut des Foraminifères Symbiotiques (Jussieu, Université Paris VI)
16, rue de la Fontaine de l'Espérance, 92160 Antony, France
martin.pecheux at free.fr
+33(0) 8711 804 32
Publications at www.reefbase.org, in which peer-reviewed REVIEW ON CORAL
BLEACHING, 214 pp.


Destructivness of cyclones (sum of wind speed cubic power) is perhaps
doubling each 0.5°C, after all a convincing paper: Emanuel K., 2005,
Nature, 436, 686-688.

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