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Mark Boustouler m_boustouler at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 21 12:32:55 EDT 2005

Dear Coral List,

Please can you post the following message to all subscribers.

I am a Marine Biologist looking for work within the consultancy and conservation industry. I have specialised in tropical and subtropical ecology but also have experience with temperate ecology and conservation. I am willing to consider career opportunities in any region and therefore will relocate if required. I am particularly interested in working in the US but would require sponsorship for a working visa.

My education background has focused on marine biology and conservation. I studied for both my BSc and MSc at the University of Hull in England where I specialised in coastal zone management and environmental impact assessments. My undergraduate dissertation studied the effects of pollution on sea anemones, in particular the production of stress proteins and reduction in fecundity, my postgraduate thesis researched the marine environment around Roatan, Honduras. Using ArcGIS I mapped the coral reefs surrounding the island and devised an index of health to determine the extent of anthropologic stress on the marine environment. The ultimate aim of this study was to construct management plans for the island and to identify areas that contained high biodiversity and significant habitat diversity for the establishment of a successful marine protected area. The study was in conjunction with Coral Cay Conservation. I am particularly interested in coastal zone management and marine biology as well as all areas of conservation, habitat rehabilitation and education.


Since finishing my postgraduate degree I have predominantly worked within two different sectors, marine conservation and also finance. I have just finished working for Broadreach summer programs in the Bahamas where I taught a first year college level course in marine biology, specifically coral reefs and reef fish. Other duties included teaching open water and advanced open water scuba courses. Former employers include Coral Cay Conservation for whom I worked as a science officer on their Honduras marine expedition. Duties varied ranging from teaching marine science and species identification, organising the day to day running of science and survey work, creating community projects focusing on the marine environment, and weekly meetings with project partners and other NGOs. The main project that I was involved with whilst positioned in Honduras was constructing educational material for the Bay Islands teacher-training program. Within the finance industry I have gained a lot of experience working in an office environment, in particular those that have dealings on a international basis.

If you feel that you may have something suitable to my background please do not hesitate to contact at m_boustouler at hotmail.com and I will provide further details and a more substantial CV.

Thanks in advance Coral List!

Mark Boustouler

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