[Coral-List] zooxanthellae density

Nahid Shokri planet13466 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 5 13:10:21 EDT 2005

Dear All
 I am a student of M.Sc. degree in Marine Biology based in Iran and I am 
doing my thesis on the effect of human impact on zooxanthellae on hard corals 
of the Persian Gulf. As this is a new effort in my country, I have not 
access to any past experience in this filed and therefore I am somehow 
confused in the method for zooxanthellae’s density. Suppose I counted 30 cells in 9 squares of 0.2 mm per side in haemocytometer.I know that the volume is (0.02*0.02)*0.01*9=36*10-6 which contains 30 so according to this formula: total number of zooxanthellae/(number of squares*volume per square) the concentration is 0.8*106  cells/ml. I suspended the pellet in 5 ml of filtered seawater in the test tube. Now I need to relate my concentration on the haemocytometer to my overall volume of zooxanthellae in my test tube. Therefore 0.8*106*5=4*106after this I don’t know the latest equation that I need? Please explain me what shall I do after this step?

Any leads would be appreciated.



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