[Coral-List] general distribution question

Jaclyn Daly jaclyn_daly at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 20:04:28 EDT 2005

Hello Coral Reef e-mailers,
This is a very general question but I could not find any explanation so any 
brief answer will satisfy my curiosity.  I recently went diving in Bermuda 
and while swimming around the very large reef I came upon a section that 
appeared to be a thriving metropolis of fishes.  These fish (an array of 
species) were concentrated in this one area of reef that did not appear to 
be any different in coral and sponge species and distribution, formation, 
and water column depth than any other part of the reef.  Why, when space is 
such a limiting factor on a reef, would these fish concentrate in one area 
when the rest of the reef was inhabited by just the occasional parrot, 
damsel, or tang etc.?  Just a intriguing observation by an occasional diver.
Thanks for any comment,
J. Daly

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