[Coral-List] Helicostoma sp. culturing

Richard A. Snyder rsnyder at uwf.edu
Tue Sep 6 21:27:28 EDT 2005

Dear Shashank:

If the organism is feeding on Symbodinium in places where it is 
found, then a rice grain+ seawater will not likely work.  That method 
is OK for messy cultures of bacterivores.  You need to get a culture 
of the Symbodinium or related dino, culture it, wash the algal medium 
away (filtration or centrifugation) to remove the ammonium.  Use aged 
open ocean seawater (best), 0.2 mm filtered.  If you don't have aged 
seawater, get the cleanest ocean water you can find.  Let it sit for 
a month in a 50 L or larger carboy if you can, longer is better, 
don't disturb the sediment in the bottom.  Filter or autoclave the 
water.  Add F/2 concentrate for dino culture.  Reverse bubbling in 
separatory  funnels with a grow light works well.  Instant ocean may 
work but kills some protists.  Try isolating individual cells of the 
ciliate by micropipette into suspensions of washed dinos.  12 well 
tissue culture plates work well since you can start multiple clonal 
cultures in the same plate, keep track of them under a stereo 
scope,and add more dinos and resuspend sedimented dinos as necessary. 
You may contact me with questions if you think I can help.

Good luck.


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>Dear All,
>Does anyone know how ciliate Helicostoma sp. can
>be cultured in lab??? i mean what media is
>I was wondering using a sea water media with
>grain of rice in it...
>any suggestions is welcome....
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